Passionate about drawing and painting from a very young age, I specialized for fifteen years, through the technique of pastel, in portraiture and animal art, especially in the eyes. I then work a lot to order so that the value of the work of art is added to the emotion of remembrance.

In 2004, Christian Germak, art critic, described my work in “Art Gazette Internationale”:
“Marie-Joelle Cédat is a painter, she is a talented portraitist and portraitist … But to say that Marie-Joelle Cédat is a painter, and even a portraitist of animals, is too little, too limited, below reality in front of her talent as an observer and pictorial interpretation. She doesn’t just paint what she sees, she paints what her subject thinks. His portraits are messages from the animal to man. A separate art, which also stems from psychology and artistic knowledge. »

In 2010, I felt the irresistible need to expand my artistic production. Very large canvases, made with oil or acrylic, have enriched my production… African themes then became important. A renowned trade show organizer describes my painting:
“This work allows Marie-Joelle Cédat to show another facet of her talent through the power of large animals. One is seized by the force that emanates from each work, the movement and life that emerge from the subjects dealt with: the distrust in the eye of this deer, the majesty in the eyes of this lying deer or the energy of these two others fighting for the slab.”

Today, I also propose the design and creation of interior murals, vehicles, screens. You can discover my paintings in the large dog living salons and in my personal exhibitions.


  • Gold Medal at the Brussels Hunting and Nature Animal Artists Show, 2015
  • Mayor of Nemours’ Favourite Award at the 2014 International Biennial of Animal Art in Saint-Pierre Les Nemours
  • Medal of the “Castle of the Forest” at the show “Look of the Pastellists” in Livry-Gargan- 2013
  • Association Award “Friends of Rosa Bonheur” at the Biennial of Animal Art by St-Pierre Les Nemours (77) March 2008
  • LIMOUSIN GENERAL TIP Award at the International Festival of Animal Art in Eygurande Country (19) August 2006
  • “SENNELIER – ART duPASTEL” award at the International Pastel Show -GIVERNY (27) April-May 2006
  • “Friends of Moret” Award at MORET ON LOING (77) April 2006
  • “Koci” Prize at the Pastel show in Normandy- CARPIQUET (76) October 2005
  • “Comptoir des Arts” award at the Pastel in Brittany- FOUGERES (35) July 2005
  • “Pastel Journal” award at art du Pastel in France- HONFLEUR (14) May 2005
  • “Sand” Award at the annual International Show “Between Sand and Heath” in St-BENOIT on Loire (45) in August 2003
  • General Council Award (77) at the MONCOURT Contemporary Art Fair November 2002
  • MORET City Award on LOING (77) at the NONVILLE Art Fair October 2002
  • Prix de la Ville de FONTAINEBLEAU (77) at the SAMOIS art fair on SEINE June 2002
  • Audience Award at the ST-PIERRE LES NEMOURS Biennial of Animal Art (77) March 2002
  • 1st Avon City Prize (77) 1999
  • 2nd Jury Prize of the Saint-PIERRE LES NEMOURS Biennial of Animal Art (77) 1998
  • Audience Award at the International Festival of Animal Art in EYGURANDE Country (19) 1998
  • City of VILLEMER Award at the SABLONS (77) 1997
  • 1st Prix des Villes de DORMELLES, THOMERY, VILLEMER, at the 1997 Dormelles show
  • 3rd Painting Prize at the International Festival of Animal Art in NANCAY (414) 1997